Student Life

Field trips are an integral part of the curriculum at our school and these are organized meticulously,  keeping in mind the need for students to learn important concepts that can be applied in real life.

Field trips help students to learn through authentic experience, giving them an interesting way to explore new things. Students get ample opportunity to witness new things, learn about new environments at their own pace and immerse themselves in an authentic experience. Most importantly, these field trips contribute greatly to build self-confidence and foster a sense of teamwork and community in our students.

Every department plans its field trips way in advance and include visits to places that can give a relevant experience to the students. The trips allow the teachers to connect the classroom with real-life and authentic experience.

Trips to places such as the Gerry Martin farm, the Radio Indigo centre, the palace of Tipu Sultan, Dandeli, ice cream factory, and other places,   give students a great learning experience on a variety of careers and livelihood and also a slice of history, all of which shape their perspectives on life.

Workshop for Students

Learning for DPS students does not happen only within the walls of a classroom or from textbooks. They are given the chance to attend workshops conducted by experienced professionals from all walks of life. Through these workshops students obtain experiential learning opportunities that is so necessary in today’s world.

Workshop for Teachers

Teachers at DPS get ample opportunity to update themselves on the changing trends and strategies  of teaching their subjects. They are sent to glean the relevant and the latest developments in their respective subjects from Capacity Building workshops organized by the CBSE through Sahodaya, and the COE, Chennai.

DPS also organizes regular in -house training that help the teachers in every aspect of school life, and also hones their professional skills. These trainings equip the teachers to face challenges through the new academic sessions and also help them to execute their lessons in innovative  ways.

Inter school competitions are a sure-fire way of ascertaining the calibre of children in co -curricular activities whether in sports or in literary and cultural events.  DPS students are groomed well to participate in a wide variety of inter school competitions and win laurels for the school in events such as Deens Volksfiesta, Inter-DPS football tournaments, cricket tournaments, Verbattle, MUN, Heritage Quiz, as well as  events organized by Sahodaya for CBSE.